Get Ready for the PPP Forgiveness Application

Get Ready for the PPP Forgiveness Application

Read this first.

After a long wait, the PPP forgiveness application is almost here and ready for you to fill out.

Before the time comes, we should go over a few very important things that will determine how you proceed.

Please read everything on this page carefully and follow all of the instructions. It could save a lot of time and headaches down the road.

Then go through the rest of the tabs on this page in order. They include some detailed instructions you should read before the application actually opens. By that time, we’ll also have instructional videos to walk you through the whole thing. Trust us, they’ll help.

How Forgiveness Works
The rules have changed often, but we’ve kept you up to date on how forgiveness works and what you need to do to prepare. You can review the basic overview of forgiveness using the link below.

What You Need to Know About PPP Forgiveness

PPP Forgiveness FAQ

Two Applications
There are two different forgiveness applications: EZ and full. The EZ application is much shorter and easier to complete. The full application is longer, more complicated and includes more forms and schedules to fill out. You will use one or the other depending on how your business has been affected by the pandemic and the decisions you made around staffing levels and wages.

There’s a possibility that we’ll get a third application, which would be a “super EZ” for applications under a certain amount. That’s being discussed in Congress right now and may not come to pass. If it does, it could make this process virtually instant for most of our clients. We are following this discussion closely.  

Most borrowers will be able to use the EZ application, but you should be absolutely sure it applies to you before you make a decision. Our online application system will help you know which one to use.

No matter which application you use, we’ll have a calculator tool to help. 

Click here to see a sample of the EZ calculator.

Click here to watch a tutorial video on how the calculator works and how you should prepare for your application.

Click here to see a Quick Reference Guide of documents you'll need to complete the calculator.

(This may not be the final form of the EZ calculator, but it will show you what numbers and documents you need to prepare, as well as how they’ll be used.)

How do I know if I will use the EZ or the full?
The online application will start with a few questions designed to help you choose the right application. Depending on your answers, it will automatically choose the application you need.

In general, you should use the full application if you cannot:

  • Certify and prove that your employment levels stayed the same, or
  • Certify and prove that reductions in employment levels were due to a drop in business because of the pandemic, or
  • Certify and prove that wages stayed the same or weren’t reduced by more than 25 percent

You will also qualify for the EZ application if you are:

“a self-employed individual, independent contractor, or sole proprietor who had no employees at the time of the PPP loan application and did not include any employee salaries in the computation of average monthly payroll in the Borrower Application Form (SBA Form 2483)”

Before you even get started, think through these qualifiers. If you can’t certify and prove one of the above points, go ahead and use the full application.

If the EZ covers most borrowers and is a lot easier to fill out, why can’t I just start with that one?
It’s tempting to try to use the easiest application first, but you need to be absolutely sure before going down that road. After you submit your application, we will review it. If we find that you have filled out the EZ but don’t actually qualify for it, we’ll have to ask you to start over and fill out the full. Save yourself time, save us time and avoid raising any red flags in your application process. If you think you need the full, go ahead and use it. 

Click the next tab to see how the application will work. 


Need help or have questions? You can reach out to your financial advisor or call our Small Business Client Service Center at 877-380-0654.

How the Application Will Work

Our online application system is simple, streamlined and intuitive. It will help you determine whether to use the EZ or the full application and then walk you through all of the fields you need to fill out.

It will also help you upload the required documentation, let us review what you’ve submitted, allow you to sign it electronically and automatically submit your application to the SBA.

We are preparing videos to walk you through the complete process, including how to fill out the application and how to use the calculator tool.

How the Process Will Work

Step 1: Open the application and answer the first few questions. This will help you figure out which application to use.

Step 2: Open the corresponding calculator tool and complete it. This will help you determine the final figures that need to be entered into the application.

Step 3: Finish the application. Reopen your browser window and follow the steps for completing the rest of the application. The online application is adaptive and intuitive, which means the questions it asks will change based on your answers. When you answer one question a certain way, the next question may appear, disappear or change to fit your unique situation. At the end of the application, you’ll see how much forgiveness you are eligible for and how much the remaining loan balance will be, if any.

Step 4: Upload your documentation. Once you have filled out the application, the system will take you to a new screen where you will upload the documentation that verifies your information.

Step 5: Pinnacle reviews it. We will receive your application and examine your information and documents. If we have questions or see issues with anything, we’ll make a note of it in the system, and you will get an alert asking you to fix it. You’ll be able to access your application at this time and make any necessary edits. That includes re-uploading documents that may have had problems the first time.

Step 6: Sign your application. Once our review is complete, you’ll get another alert asking you to digitally sign the documents. We’ll need signatures from you or your authorized representative.

Step 7: Pinnacle submits it to the SBA. Once everything is verified and signed, the system will automatically push your application to the SBA for a decision. If your application is approved, you will receive verification and documentation via email. If any loan balance remains after the forgiveness decision is given, your financial advisor will be in touch soon after to talk through your options.

Click the next tab to learn more about the calculator tools.


Need help or have questions? You can reach out to your financial advisor or call our Small Business Client Service Center at 877-380-0654.

Calculator Tool

Just like the application, we will have two separate calculator tools: A version for the EZ application and a version for the full application.

Again, we expect the vast majority of our client to be eligible for the EZ application. Starting now, you can look at an example of the EZ calculator and an instruction video that will show you how to use it. If you’re planning to use the EZ, this is pretty much everything you need to do to get ready.

Click here to download the sample calculator tool for the EZ application.

Click here to see a Quick Reference Guide of documents you'll need to complete the calculator.

(Right click this link and choose “Save as” or “Save Link As.” Save this file to your desktop and open it from there.)


Need help or have questions? You can reach out to your financial advisor or call our Small Business Client Service Center at 877-380-0654.