Plan for your present and future with fiduciary investing and specialized tools.

Our advisors have served generations of families, businesses and organizations with full-featured trust and fiduciary services. That means we work with your interests at the forefront using the tools and expertise needed to design your legacy.

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive trust services, skilled investment management, estate planning or all of the above, we give unwavering commitment to understanding your needs and delivering personalized financial solutions.

We offer relationships built on trust, respect and service so you can feel confident and connected. With local decision making and local trust and estate administration, your investments will always be at your fingertips.

You have people who depend on you, so the investment strategies we design together will be built with security and long-term returns in mind. Together, we can work toward the goals that serve you, your family, your company and the generations to come.

Our Investment Fundamentals
Our approach to investing is proven, robust and built on three central pillars:

  • Independent
    Our fiduciary approach means we work in a culture of objectivity and transparency. All investment vehicles we examine are assessed purely on the basis of the value they add to your portfolio. All decisions are grounded in research and vetted by seasoned, credentialed professionals.

  • Disciplined
    We build portfolios with long-term outlooks through a combination of our own strict internal processes and best-in-class global insights. This means we prepare for entire economic cycle of performance from peak to trough. We respect each client’s unique risk tolerance and work with them to re-balance based on market-driven factors.

  • Personalized
    Your goals are unique to you, and your investments should be tailored to meet them. Our portfolios are purpose-driven with each investment playing a role in meeting your needs. Working as your partner, we can take advantage of opportunities across asset classes to build thoughtful strategies designed just for you.