Deposit Accounts

Deposit Accounts

If you want more from your money, you need more than just a bank. You need a partner.

Partners protect your money and make sure your hard earned deposits are in the right kinds of accounts to get the most of what you have.

You need someone who will bend over backward to make it easier to do business. Pinnacle’s online banking and app with mobile deposit do just that. So does our quick turnaround on posting deposits to your account. We don’t have arbitrary cut-off times that force you to rush to the bank. You can make a deposit any time our offices are open and have it post the same day.

We offer several options for your next personal bank account. If you need something else to meet your needs, give us a call. Our dedicated financial professionals will listen to your goals and help find a solution that achieves them.

If you’re ready to get started right away, you can explore our checking and savings account options and then open a new account online right now.

And if you need help moving to Pinnacle from another bank, we can do that, too.