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Managing Your Business

Prep your business for a socially distant world with online sales, delivery, curbside and new ways to take payments

Social distancing and temporary shutdowns are changing how companies can interact with and accept payment from customers. Adapting to contactless payments and broader solutions like online, phone ordering, curbside pick-up or delivery and virtual gift cards can be a game changer.

Small Business Survival Tactics for a Crisis

National and economic crises have far-reaching effects, and small businesses are especially vulnerable. If you start having doubts about your sustainability, here are some tactics you can explore to help pull your company through.

Shift your business to a seasonal model for pandemic uncertainty

Many business owners don’t know when they’ll be able to open at full capacity or whether they’ll face another temporary shutdown in the future. It could cause some year-round companies to start thinking and operating with a seasonal model. Here are some tactics to help spread the impact of seasonality.

Save Your Small Business from Disaster with a Continuity Plan

Being prepared for interruptions of your day-to-day operations is important for businesses of all sizes. So many scenarios can affect your business, and you never know what will strike or when. Having a plan for these disruptions can be the difference in weathering the storm or closing down shop.

SECURE Act Makes it Easier for Small Businesses to Offer Retirement Benefits

For small business owners, offering retirement benefits to employees can be a challenge. Many want to do the right thing for their employees and stay competitive, but it’s a complicated process and seems expensive. What are the options for business owners and their employees who haven’t taken part? A new federal law may help.

Caring for your employees’ financial fitness is the right thing to do and good for your business

Taking care of your employees' financial wellness is the right thing to do - and it can be good for your company. People who are financially stable are happier, healthier and more productive. As your employees’ main source of income, health insurance and retirement plans, you may be best positioned to help. So what can you do about it?

Six Reasons HSAs are a Great Benefit to Offer Employees

Because HSAs are tied to the ominously named “high-deductible health plan,” they sometimes get a bad rap. That’s really too bad because they offer a great many benefits to both employers and their employees. In addition to helping your people make better health choices and start savvy investing, they can help your company save money.

The Proximity Principal: People Plus Place Equals Opportunity

People are more likely to do business with those who are close by or with whom they interact often. But networking and handing out business cards isn't enough. The key is creating intentional, genuine connections. Join this conversation with national radio host Ken Coleman on how to bond with people and places that will lead to growth for your business.

A trust is a valuable tool for your business succession plan. Here’s why.

What will happen to your company when you're gone? A succession plan is much more than just an idea of who will run the company when you're not able or no longer want to. Multiple factors come into play. Don't wait to start building your plan. Start now, and make sure trusts are part of it.

Need more flexibility in your business insurance? Do it yourself.

Every business owner wants to feel secure and in control. While traditional insurance offers plenty of security, it sometimes lacks the flexibility to adapt to the nuanced and changing needs of some businesses. But one alternative is gaining popularity and could be the right answer for you.

5 Kinds of Insurance Coverage Business Owners Usually Miss

Insurance isn’t the most exciting thing you spend money on, and its benefits aren’t immediately tangible. When you need it, however, you often realize it’s the most valuable thing you own. If you have reduced costs at the expense of coverage, make sure you’re not missing these key policies that every business owner should consider.

4 Steps You Can Take Right Now for Your Family Business Succession Plan

What happens when you’re ready to leave your company and pass it on? Don’t wait for your lawyer or CPA to bring up succession planning. Even if you have no plans to step down, even if you’re a decade or more away from retirement, this is something you can start addressing right now with a few simple additions to your annual routine.

The One Thing You Need to Turn Your Employees into a Team

Picture the look on my face when, on my first day at Pinnacle, I was told that the CEO would personally lead a three-day orientation for me and my class of fellow new hires. Surely not, right? Terry Turner can’t block three days on his calendar to spend with new hires. Oh, but he did.

How to Keep a Small Business Feel as You Grow

How can we continue to meet and exceed our associates’ and clients’ expectations as we grow larger and expand into new markets? As always, it’s the people. More specifically, it’s the people and the unchangeable core of the company that keeps us grounded even as we take on new challenges. What is your unchangeable core? Are your people committed to it?

4 Tips for Building a Smart Incentive Plan that Serves Your Clients

Incentive plans are a bedrock practice for many businesses, and there are ways to build them that serve your clients, shareholders and your business, not just individual employees. That’s what we have done at Pinnacle, and you can do it too.

Develop Your Team Like a Pro

Developing and investing in people is the most effective way for owners to grow their businesses. Here are five tips for building professional development into your company’s growth plans.

Think Like an Athlete to Sell Your Business

If you’ve reached the peak of your career and are considering selling your business, you can learn a lot from Olympic athletes. Here are six lessons you can take away from this summer’s games in Rio.

4 Questions for Family Businesses

Family owned businesses operate day to day like any other company, but they do have special considerations to keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider when planning for your family business’s future.

Building Trust: Beyond the Basics

Building trust matters in all aspects of leadership, whether at the office, with your family, at church or in the community. The “why” is obvious, but the “how” is a little more complex. Go beyond the basics to become not only trusted, but indispensable.

Navigating International Trade

About 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States. Making the transition from domestic to international trade can be challenging for U.S. companies, but the risks can be managed. Find out how.

Creating a Great Workplace

What makes a company a great place to work? Find out what Pinnacle did to become the No. 4 best medium-sized workplace in the country and how you can use those practices in your workplace.

Protecting Your Business from Employee Fraud

Implementing procedures to monitor and restrict activities can save significant time and money in the long run.


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