Making Deposits (Receivables)

Making Deposits (Receivables)

How quickly can you collect and spend your company’s cash?

Every business could benefit from faster access to its money. Pinnacle’s treasury management services can deliver it. When you tie together your accounts, loans and processing, you can streamline your banking relationship and make things happen more quickly. As an added bonus, it can also help reduce costs and give you more flexibility in your lending. Here’s how.

  • Remote Deposit
    Cut out that late afternoon rush to the bank by scanning and depositing checks from your desk at any time of day. Remote deposit is fast, secure and easily trackable. Learn more about how it works.

  • Lockbox
    If your company gets a lot of checks in the mail, you can outsource everything to us. We’ll set up a P.O. Box just for you, check it every business day, open the envelopes and deposit the checks. You’ll get copies of the checks and the contents of every envelope, and we’ll give you digital copies in real-time for daily reconciling. This is ideal for medical offices, insurance agencies, homeowners associations and more.

  • Electronic Collections (ACH)
    Give your customers the option of digital payment and automatic drafts. It’s convenient for them, gives you more control over collections, reduces delinquent payments and makes everything faster.

  • Merchant Card Services
    If you take credit and debit cards, you need a processor. Going with Pinnacle gives you personal, local support and streamlines your cash flow. Unlike most other banks, we own and manage all merchant relationships instead of farming them out to a big national company. We support card payments, ecommerce, gift cards, smartphones, tablets and more. You can reach our merchant services team toll-free at 866.381.5524 or or email us at